International transport

We are a responsible carrier complying with all international standards as well as the TIR and CMR conventions. Our company provides shipping and transportation services for international carriage of goods by road in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. As a measure for environment protection and when the situation or the type of cargo so allows, PIMK Ltd can offer the use of ferryboat transport. For its business operations our company also specializes in railroad transport, its main route being Bulgaria-Germany-Bulgaria.

PIMK Ltd also provides transportation services for international logistic companies.

We employ 86 shippers working in the following directions: European Intracommunity transport; Turkey; Greece; Germany and Austria; France and Portugal; Spain; Bulgaria.

PIMK Ltd offers the following services:

  • Transport of co-load cargos
  • Transport of partial and full loads
  • Transport of textile products in clothing trailers
  • Transport of extra-large and extra-heavy cargos
  • Transport of refrigerated goods: at 1 or 2 temperature regimens
  • Transport of construction aggregates and bulk materials
  • Transport of liquid food staffs, including liquid staffs requiring the maintenance of up to 85°С during transportation
  • Transport of fuels and lubricants
  • Transport of cargos under АDR

To control the vehicle fleet and to ensure the quality transportation of goods PIMK Ltd keeps constant communication with the vehicles and monitors the truck movement via satellite.