Trailers for transportation of livestock

Our company operates special latest generation trailers for animal transport to ensure the most favorable and trouble-free travel for animals. These trailers are equipped with two platforms, which means that animals can be carried on two or three level arrangement depending on their type and size. The animals that may be transported in our trailers are heavy and medium calves, heavy and medium bulls, pregnant heifers, sheep, lamps and pigs.

Before loading, the trailers are washed and disinfected to ensure impeccable hygiene and travel comfort.

The tractor units are equipped with temperature recorders connected wirelessly to the thermometer in the trailer and enabling the driver to continuously monitor the temperature in the animal compartment.

The transportation itself is tracked and monitored by adequately and relevantly trained personnel, while the trucks are operated by professionally competent drivers capable of responding adequately in any situation.

Each driver has attended a course in humane treatment of animals, which is attested by the relevant certificate. Each trailer has been inspected by a special committee and approved for a short or a long trip by the issuance of a relevant certificate. Each shipper has been professionally trained and acquainted with all veterinary requirements, regulations and orders relevant to the transport of livestock.